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                                     Preschool Learning at Home

Hi Preschool Students and Families! Below is an update for the month of May!

May 2020  Remote Learning








7-2 Nature

Theme: What's in the sky?

go to Read:

- Weather Clues in the sky Clouds




Write/Practice/Sound the letter  Rr


GetEpic Read:

   - Count 1 2 3

Write your name



GetEpic Read:

  - Lizzie Little-the sky is falling



1     Science

It's National Space Day!

GetEpic Read:

  - Lets' Explore the Stars


2       Play


3      Play


4   Theme; Our Weather 

GetEpic Read:

      - A Rainy Day

      - Spring  

Talk about things we See/Taste in Spring

5  Write/Practice/Sound the letter  Ss

Write your name

GetEpic Read:

        - A Windy Day

        - A Snowy Day

6  Count to 7 and draw 7 stick people


GetEpic Read:

      - An Icy Day

      - A sunny Day


Talk about things we Hear/Smell in Spring

GetEpic Read:

 - Kitten's Spring

 - A Stormy Day

7 Spring walk Scavenger Hunt

Find 3 types of birds, Flower starting to grow Look/Touch ;  1 yellow item - 

2 red items  and  3 green items

email us a pictures of your finds(if you can)

9       Play

10      Play


11  Theme  Seasons


GetEpic Read:

How dinosaurs books!! (2)


Write/Practice/Sound the letter  Tt


Write your name

13  Count to 8 and draw 8 stick people


GetEpic Read:

  - Five Flying Penguins


GetEpic Read:

I know the Seasons



15 Sidewalk Drawing

Draw a circle, square, rectangle and triangle email us a pictures of your finds(if you can)

16      Play

17      Play


Moving On

18 Theme Going New places


GetEpic Read:

Make way for Ducklings Why the Policeman held the traffic? talk about going to new places


Write/Practice/Sound the letter  Uu


Write your name

20  Count to 9 and draw 7 stick people


GetEpic Read:

- Monster Needs One More


GetEpic Read:

-Going Places

-Grandma's Tiny House

22  I Spy with my little eye

Backyard or inside the house

=printout 2 set of cards with objects or shapes . Tape them all over backyard or house. Give a clipboard with the picture list to check-off, have your child spy for them

23      Play

24      Play


25  Theme Trying new things


GetEpic Read:

ABC of America

Talk about trying new things


Write/Practice/Sound the letter Vv and Ww


Write your name

27     Math

Count to 10 and draw 10 stick people


GetEpic Read:

-My First Counting Book


GetEpic Read:

- Little Sock

29  Plant a tree, flower, vegetables or grass.

 You will need a pot, dirt, seeds, water and sun. This could be inside or outside. Plant, wait and see. email us a picture at the end of Summer when "it" grows.

30      Play

31  Play







Here are some important concepts/skills your child was working on in school. It would be great if you could find time during your busy day to work with your child at home on these skills!

1.) Identifying upper and lowercase letters
2.) Recognizing their first name in print
3.) Practice writing their first name
4.) Drawing a recognizable picture of a person
5.) Identifying numbers 0-10
6.) Identifying colors
7.) Identifying the 4 basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle)
8.) Read to your child daily

Stay healthy and safe!

The Preschool Team

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